This latest release includes a constraint handling in CVODE/CVODES, hybrid MPI/CUDA support, and a number of bug fixes and build system updates. In addition, the SUNDIALS team has put out a development release, v4.0.0-dev.2, which includes encapsulated nonlinear solvers for all time integrators, streamlining of the linear solver interfaces in CVODE, ARKode, IDA, and KINSOL, and a reorganization of ARKode to allow for more time stepping options. The development release is another step toward a larger major release scheduled for the end of 2018. The full 4.0.0 release will also include the streamlined linear solver interfaces for CVODES and IDAS as well as a two-rate explicit/explicit integrator.

Read more about v3.2 and the complete SUNDIALS release history including v4.0.0-dev.2. Downloads are available from the SUNDIALS website and GitHub.